The UK’s jobs market continues to boom, with data released by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) reporting near-record numbers of new job adverts being posted online. The 1.65 million active jobs listed in the first week of August is the second-highest weekly figure since December.

So how do you recruit when it’s competitive out there?

  • Write an engaging job ad With so many job adverts out there, think about how you can make yours stand out. Use engaging copy, something that will let potential candidates know what it feels like to work in your business. Don’t just copy the job description, this will likely be bland and boring and won’t sell you or your business.
  • Offer competitive compensation and benefits – Benchmark your packages externally making sure they’re competitive, as well as fair internally. If as a small business it’s difficult to compete on salary, think about how you could add training, flexible hours and increase annual leave.
  • Know and sell your organisation – Make sure the people recruiting for your business understand what’s unique and valuable about your organisation and its culture, and why employees stay – ask them!
  • Don’t forget your followers – Tap into the audience that already likes your brand. Show on your social media channels why your place is a great place to work, and post the roles you’re recruiting for.
  • Respond to applicants promptly – Make sure you respond to all applicants speedily and filter them quickly so you can get in touch with a shortlist of candidates who will likely be actively applying for other roles.
  • COVID-safe recruiting Bear in mind your candidates (and you) may prefer an initial interview on Zoom rather than in person and make sure you’re ready for this with a good webcam setup in your office, checking that your backdrop makes a good first impression.
  • Get expert help – You might want to arrange some interview skills training for your hiring managers, or hand over your whole recruitment project to get it moving at pace.

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