Wouldn’t it be lovely if you knew exactly how much it would cost to outsource your HR support.

And wouldn’t it be comforting to know why different HR packages and projects are priced differently?

So let’s be totally transparent, so you know what you’re getting when you decide to invest in supporting your company to support your people – who are your greatest asset after all!

How we price our services depends on two things;

  • The number of people in your business – The more people you have, the more support you’re likely to require.
  • The level of support you need – For higher level strategic expertise, you’ll need one of our more experienced and highly qualified consultants.

Our retainers give peace of mind that you’ve got that monthly ongoing support when you need it.

Retained HR Support

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Our Guarantee

This isn't a complex or daunting process at all. Instead, it's a straight-forward journey designed to ensure your business excels by focusing on the happiness and productivity of your team. Let's take a closer look at the steps involved HR Consultancy:

  • High quality HR support
  • On time
  • Or your money back
per month

People Advice

From £199 +VAT pm

The HR basics covered and advice on day-to-day people challenges:

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per month

People Essentials

From £669 +VAT pm

Full operational people support including people documentation and HR administration:

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per month

People Success

From £937 +VAT pm

Full operational and strategic support to drive business success through your people:

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Unlimited Advice
Legal Updates
Discounted Services
HR Software
People Documentation Review
All People Admin
HR Library Access
Employee Survey
HR Healthcheck
People Strategy
People Processes
KPI Dashboard
Quarterly Visit
Recruitment Support
Team Development Sessions

On the other hand, sometimes you might need a one-off project.
We tend to price this as a flat fee, so that you know exactly what it’s going to cost you.

We’ll work with you to scope it out in detail, to ensure we know what resources we need to allocate for you, to get the outcome you need. 

You’ll know exactly what the project will cost, right from the start.

The last thing to say about our pricing is that we aim to pay our whole team above market rate. We strongly believe you get what you pay for, so that means by paying our own people more, you have the comforting knowledge that you’ll get the very best service from our whole team.

So there you have it, I hope we’ve managed to remove any mystery about the cost of working with us at The HR Consultants so get in touch for a no obligation chat with one of our Consultants!

HR/People Documentation

When you’re running a growing business, checking your HR setup isn’t always at the top of your to-do list. However, the right HR documentation for your team is vital not only for a good employee experience but also to keep your company protected from disputes and to ensure it is up-to-date and compliant with ever-changing employment law.

We like to call the essential HR documentation that all businesses need the ‘Brilliant Basics’.

Proper HR documentation gives your people managers a resource to consult in the event of a people issue and ensures your employees are treated fairly and consistently. These documents are also your first line of defence when it comes to investigations and formal process.

Our consultancy can work with you to design / review / update your:

  • Employee Contracts
  • People Policies
  • Employee Handbook

or take a look below if you would like to approach as a full package!

We’ll develop a fresh suite of HR documents that are right for your business and for your people – no boiler-plate documents, they’re all bespoke to you, in your language, with imagery that reflects your organisation.

If you already have some documentation in place, we can thoroughly review your existing contractspolicies and handbook and recommend and implement the necessary changes and develop any missing documents.

Investment: £1,882 (+VAT)