Not all employment law changes make the headlines like the ones due in April,
so it’s important to keep on top of them. As we are fast approaching April, we
thought this week would be a good time to give you the information so you can
be proactive (which we are sure you already are!) with any changes needed in
your teams.

How are the rates changing in 2023?

National Living & National Minimum Wage:

It has been confirmed that that National Living and National Minimum Wages
will rise as follows;

Age Current As of 1 st April 2023
23+ £9.50 £10.42
21-22 £9.18 £10.18
18-20 £6.83 £7.49
18 (& no longer at compulsory school age) £4.81 £5.28
Apprentice (under 19 or over 19 & in 1 st yr) £4.81 £5.28

To avoid putting your business at risk of an underpayment; we advise you do a
quick impact assessment and make the changes and if you have one of our
superstar team as your consultant then I am sure they are already steering you
in this direction.

Pen and paper

Family related pay & Statutory Sick Pay (SSP):

On 2nd April Maternity, Adoption and Paternity pay will increase to £172.48 per

SSP will increase to £109.40 per week.

Our top tip (well a nudge anyway!) is to review your policies or procedures
where you mention rates as they will need a little tweak so your team have the
right information.

Redundancy limit:

On 6th April the new limit for weekly pay will be increased to £643. This is good to
know in the event that you dismiss employees due to reason of redundancy and
they have two years’ service or more.

Policies & Procedures

Three Bank Holidays in May!

Don’t forget that on 8th May we have an extra Bank Holiday for the Kings
Coronation. You will need to look at how you approach this bank holiday which
will be determined by the wording in your contract of employments or your
good will.

UK Bank Holidays May

In conclusion

As mentioned at the start of our blog this week these changes often go under
the radar yet can have a big impact if you forget. So keep this blog to hand and if
you need any advice get in touch or call The HR Consultants on 01789614336.