Things are a bit different

Are you starting to think about your people returning to the office?

It’s all going to be a bit different for a while so it’s going to take some good old planning and communication.

So firstly, before anything, start by asking your people how they see themselves returning to the workplace.

+ What’s worked well about working remotely?

+ What hasn’t?

+ What have they missed about the office while being at home?

+ What are they worried about in relation to work and being back in the office?

+ What are they worried about generally; what’s keeping them awake at night?

Use all of this feedback to formulate a plan, then share it with your people and ask for their views.

Once you’ve got people back in the office, review things every few weeks to make sure your plan is the right one; don’t be afraid to tweak and ask for more feedback.

This will all be vital in rebuilding your business, to ensure your people can PERFORM AT THEIR BEST, so don’t be tempted to just rush in.