HR support is a vital part of all growing businesses, because when you’re an employer, you will naturally experience people problems, HR issues, have reams of people admin and a need to recruit new employees for your team. For many businesses however, having an in-house HR team isn’t necessary, especially when you have less than 100 staff, so working with an HR consultant is the logical next step. But how do you go about finding the HR consultant that’s right for you?
It’s safe to say we at The HR Consultants are not right for all businesses – and that’s okay!
So let’s explore how we work and whether we are, or indeed aren’t a good fit for you.


When you’re thinking about working with an HR consultant, it’s key to remember that this is an investment in saving you and your managers time.
In the immediate term it’s about saving you time in handling people admin and time in dealing with people problems nice and swiftly and as painlessly as possible.
In the medium term it’s about saving you time in hiring new people quickly, time in planning the resource needed to grow your business, and getting you and your managers set with a clear plan around all your HR and people activity, so you can get them performing to the very best of their abilities and in-turn, hitting your company goals.
So yes, using an HR consultant will cost your business some money, but you will undoubtedly save money through embarking on this kind of partnership.
And as I always say, you get what you pay for.
At The HR Consultants we pay our team upper quartile salaries to ensure we have the very best people providing their expertise and supporting our customers. We also invest in systems and processes, to ensure our customers get the very best service from us and that doesn’t come cheaply.
We’ve learnt a lot about the most effective ways of delivering HR support for our clients over the last few years, helping hundreds of businesses during that time, so we know that having effective processes and systems in place is vital if you’re going to get your issues dealt with nice and swiftly.
That’s why we are competitive in our pricing, but we’re unlikely to be the cheapest when compared to other consultancies out there. That means if you’re very price sensitive, we’re not the consultancy for you.
However, remember that by investing in HR support, you’re going to be saving time (and time is money), so if you’re interested in that, then it’s likely our pricing model is a good fit for you.
We’re very open abut our pricing, so if you’re interested to find out more, you can view our pricing page here.


When you’re thinking about starting a partnership with an HR consultant it’s vital you find a company who has the kind of approach to handling people and HR problems that sit well with you and your business and personal values.
At The HR Consultants we’re very outcome focused, so we spend time talking to our clients to understand what the end goal is when an issue arises, and what kind of outcome they’re looking for. We then take this and all the facts of what’s happened with the specific individual or situation, use our expertise of employment law to present to you options and risks, whilst balancing all this with what we believe to be fair and reasonable. We then we agree together the next steps. On occasion clients will simply want us to tell them what to do next and that’s okay too, but our advice will always be weighed up taking into account commercial outcomes, legal risks and fairness.
If this is the sort of approach that fits with your style, then we’re going to be a good fit for you, but it’s not for everyone, as some leaders simply want to make a decision based on the law, or process. That fits for some organisations, but it’s not the approach we feel gives the best outcome.

Culture and style

Another key consideration for deciding on your HR consultancy partner, is whether they fit with your company culture and your style of doing business.
We’ve worked with enough organisations and leaders over the last few years to know what styles we partner well with – and those that we don’t! So here’s a bit about our style.
I’ve mentioned it a few times already, we work in partnership with our clients and that’s exactly how our relationship should feel. We always show the utmost respect for all our clients, and that’s something we very much expect in return. Our team are all excellent at what they do, and are nice people with it, so we always expect the customers we work with to want to build a positive relationship with a foundation of respect.
We’re all about HR without the blah blah blah. Not only does that mean we don’t do jargon, but it also means we’re open and honest and will seek permission to give feedback as needed. That’s not something that everyone is comfortable with, but we believe it makes us all better at what we do and creates a more solid partnership, so it’s important for us to work in this way.
We also like to have fun. Employment law and people ‘stuff’ is a serious business, but we always approach issues with energy and enthusiasm and where appropriate we inject a little humor.
Again, this style isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to weigh up if you like to work in this way. If not then don’t worry, there are plenty of consultants out there with very different styles to us, so I’m certain you won’t find it difficult to find the right fit for you. In fact we’re always happy to recommend other consultants who we trust, so feel free to reach out and we’ll point you I the right direction.
If we do sound like the kind of people that would work well with you, then check out our website or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you