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We’re a team of friendly folk with honest values who love helping small businesses with their HR so they can flourish.

  • Charlotte

    Managing Director
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    Client Success Director
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    HR Consultant
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    Business Assistant
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    HR Consultant
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    Marketing Manager

Charlotte - Founder & Managing Director

Charlotte is our founder. She’s the one who spent the best part of 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, only to find that actually, red-tape and hoop jumping as a people director wasn’t really for her. That’s why she loves working with SMEs – they want to grow, they take action quickly, and she can make a real difference.

When she’s not busy with work or kids, she can usually be found planning holidays or going for a run (to escape from said kids).

Philippa - Client Success Director & Organisational Development Specialist 

Pip has a background in all things People and Leadership – both in large corporate organisations and now, as a consultant.

Motivated by making a real difference, Pip has found her place working with SMEs who are ambitious around their people and cultures. She has a real knack of getting to the nub of an issue and provides that perfect balance of insight, support and challenge – treating leaders as human beings who don’t have to have all the answers.

When not at work she can be found frazzled running around after a rather energetic one year old!

Jenny - HR Consultant

Jen is a true HR generalist and thrives on using her 18 years' experience to coach and work with businesses to deliver strategy through people. Don’t be surprised if she comes at things 'slightly differently' as she can often see things through a different lens. She gets a particular buzz out of creating training and development programs that grow effective leaders. Oh and is also a self confessed legal nerd, so enjoys taking on a complex project!

When not working she loves to jump in a pool to pretend she is some kind of Olympic swimmer 😊 and navigates bringing up a teenager!  

Claire - Business Assistant

Claire ensures the daily operations of the business run smoothly, from supporting consultancy projects through to finance. When not assisting the team, she can be found assisting her children with their social calendars and engrossing herself in the latest films and documentaries.

Elin - HR Consultant

Elin looks after retained clients as well as managing ad-hoc project work. Elin brings over 20 years of HR experience to the team, and prior to joining the The Consultants, worked for both large and mid-size companies in industries including automotive and hospitality. 

Outside the box innovation is what excites Elin, and her areas of expertise include employee relations and HR compliance. When not busy working, Elin can be found trying to manage her family and her two lovely but completely untrained dogs - usually with a glass of wine in hand!

Amelia - Marketing Manager

With a background in marketing for large corporates and SMEs, Amelia plans activities to promote our business and our services, from email campaigns to events and social media. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, planning their next trip, or if there's a special (or any) occasion coming up, decorating a cake. 

HR without the 'blah blah blah'

We could spend this section churning out corporate cliches like ‘results-driven’, ‘revolutionary vision’ and ‘striving for excellence’, but that’s not really us. So we’ll keep it simple.

Founded in 2018 by Charlotte Pitts, The HR Consultants is a small, independent HR consultancy firm based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. We care deeply about what we do and are proud to deliver independent, jargon-free HR support and advice that helps small businesses thrive. We also just happen to be really, really good at it.

Settle in, it's storytime

Before founding The HR Consultants in 2018, head honcho Charlotte Pitts spent almost 20 years in the corporate world managing major Human Resources functions for large businesses. But restricted by red tape, box-ticking and obstructive processes, she was left feeling frustrated and uninspired.

Charlotte knew that if she wanted to make a real difference to people’s lives and businesses, she needed to build her own company, doing HR ‘stuff’ how she believed it should be done. And she needed to help people who were passionate about real change — hungry for growth and ready to take action. People just like you.

Today, The HR Consultants help small businesses all over the UK achieve growth and success through their people — and we couldn’t be prouder. We love working with SMEs. We love your ambition, we love your proactivity, and we love making a real and substantial difference to your business. Because that’s what we’re all about.

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