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Job Offer Packs – A vital part of your employee experience

We all spend so much time and energy recruiting, and once that superstar has been found, it’s so important to get the onboarding just right, because the ‘’employee experience’’ has already begun!

You want your new recruit to feel engaged, informed and connected from the get-go, so you want to give your new team member the right amount of information, pitched at the right tone, to really enable them to acclimatise to their new role, the company’s philosophies, and understand what your company has to offer.

How can you make sure you get this right from the very beginning for your new employee?

We can tailor an offer pack for you which allows you to shout about your company values, celebrate your benefits package, and ensure that you capture all that important information from your new recruit without baffling your new team member with jargon, over-complicated contracts and asking them to complete heaps of unnecessary paperwork!

We like to keep things simple but effective, so here’s what we can offer you in our bespoke Job Offer Packs:

  • Template offer letter
  • Employment contract (Our employment contract has been written by an employment barrister and includes all of the clauses needed to safeguard your business)
  • Reference form
  • Personal data form
  • Data protection form
  • Health questionnaire

Of course, it’s doesn’t end there, we are also pretty good at creating tailored policies which really demonstrate your company values and set standards of behaviour, conduct and performance for all employees.

Our experienced HR consultants can create all the essential HR documentation needed to protect your business, which includes all the key policies you need – take a look at our ‘Brilliant Basics’ or give us a call and we’ll talk you through them.

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